Submit the following materials to 

  • Artist CV, outlining education, training, exhibition + project history
  • Artist statement 
  • Title, medium, dimensions + year of work being submitted
  • Low res images (multiple angles) of sculpture
  • Low res images of previous relevant projects, substantiating experience in the construction of outdoor sculpture. Please include title, medium, dimensions + year for each work.
  • Dimensions (no parameters)
  • Specification of all materials, accompanied by an explanation of how these materials will withstand environmental elements
  • Contact details: email, address + phone number

Application deadline January 15, 2017

Finalists will be notified on or by March 1, 2017



Twelve to twenty sculptures will be selected based on the quality of concept, design and execution, as well as how they meet the project goals, by a committee of local and national experts in the field and local art collectors. 

Only finalists will be notified. 



A consignment contract will be drafted for each selected sculptor, outlining consignment dates, value, authentication of work, photography/reproduction policies and insurance terms.

Consignment contracts will also specify whether sculptures are for sale through the Rosemary Beach Sculpture Exhibition or on loan. 

A commission of 30% will be deducted from sculpture sales. 



Artists reserve the right to insure their loaned works. Rosemary Beach Sculpture Exhibition will not issue insurance but will provide security to limit chances of damage or theft. 


Sculptures must be crated. Crates should be constructed with screws so that they can be easily opened and closed several times. Opening + closing directions should be marked clearly on the exterior of the crate, and the sculptor’s name should be marked clearly on the crate. Artists may choose to enclose photographs or diagrams to illustrate proper crating of work. The crating material will be used at the end of the exhibition to return the sculpture.  

At the end of the exhibition, sculptures will be re-crated using the original crating material.  Artists will make independent arrangements for pickup and delivery.  

All accepted works must be initially shipped at the sculptor’s expense. 

Artists whose work is chosen for inclusion in the exhibition will be offered a reimbursement for shipping expenses up to $1000 with substantiating documentation.