Please note the site number of each sculpture listed below and find the corresponding number on the map to locate it in Rosemary Beach. Please refer to the Artists and Sculptures section of this website to view a picture of each sculpture, listed in alphabetical order by artist.

Site 1. Jim Gallucci, Golden Oak Leaf Arch II

Site 2. Chris Itself, Synapse II

Site 3. Nathan Pierce, Empress

Site 4. Jarod Charzewski & Sean Mueller, Re-Cycled

Site 5. Cathy Perry, Sea Glade II

Site 6. Charles Pilkey, Amitra Devi

Site 7. Mary Angers, The Single Twist

Site 8. Ben Pierce, Here Comes the Sun

Site 9. Jim Collins, Hill Climb II

Site 10. Ray Katz, Red Green Construction

Site II. Steve Buduo, Tension II.III.I Vasanzio

Site 12. Matthew Mother, Vajramantrabhiru

Site 13. Kim Fiebiger, Woman in the Wind

Site 14. Jeff Best, The Race

Site 15. M.L. Duffy, Low-Poly Open Heart (R.I.D.E.)

Site 16. Gregory Johnson, Duet

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