2017-18 Artists & Sculptures

1. Gregory Johnson  Cummings, GA Votive I.jpg


Gregory Johnson, b. 1955

Cumming, Georgia

Votive, 2015

Stainless steel

60”x 36”x 24”   


“Soft elegant arcs that emulate a waterfall of wave, that inspires relaxation. “

2. George Rodrigue Colors of My Mind.jpg

Colors of My Mind


George Rodrigue b. 1944 d. 2013                 

Colors of My Mind, 2008

Chrome, aluminum and steel; automotive flip flop paint finished with automotive sealer. No. 1 of 5. 8’ tall

Not for sale

"Rodrique's design gracefully utilizes metal to form a three-sided Blue Dog. The strong, static shape gains movement from the light, enhanced by its reflective surface and flip flop paint."


Sea Beast

Dave Richardson, b. 1981

Fort Collins, CO

Sea Beast, 2016-17

Cast bronze on cor-ten steel



“I have always been amazed with the architecture of the Nautilus shell. This prehistoric creature lends itself to shape and beauty."

Sunbeam II

Sydney Atkinson, b. 1946

Monticello, FL

Sunbeam II, 2003

Welded steel, painted



“Rigid beam represents strength, breaking and dancing upward, lyrical and vulnerable as it ascends."

5. Luke Achterberg, Incendiary.jpg


Luke Achterberg, b. 1980

Lexington, KY

Incendiary, 2015

Painted steel



"The Artist develops a balance both physical and aesthetic, to create a visual smoothness he calls "Super Sleek"."



Joni Younkins-Herzog

Athens, GA

Iliana, 2015

Steel, fiberglass, resin, fabric,

lace, silicone, stainless steel



“Iliana is an outrageously large version of an alluring bloom, commonly called 'Angel Trumpets.' The sculpture is inspired by my passion for nature and tropical plants.”

Flint Hills Dreamer

James K. Johnson, b. 1941

Charleston, IL

Flint Hills Dreamer, 2010

Cor-Ten Steel



Flint Hills Dreamer is a reflection of experiences I had as a teenager exploring sand dunes in Kansas with my friends.”

Pity the Monsters

Jeffie Brewer, b. 1971

Nacogdoches, TX

Pity the Monsters, 2016




"Pity the Monsters is an abstract figurative Sculpture bringing attention to Dementia and Alzheimer’s and the struggle for loved ones."


Robert L. Coon, b. 1941

Vero Beach, FL

Creamsicle, 2015

Fabricated and welded sheet

aluminum; automotive paint



“This work came from memory, my favorite treat, a Popsicle with a vanilla center and orange covering called “Creamsicle.”


Crag Gray, b. 1969

Key West, FL

Seahorse, 2016




“Exploring the external dimensions and the inner soul of an animal we call the horse.”


Deborah La Grasse, b. 1953

Tallahassee, FL

Union, 2010

Fabricated and cast aluminum



“The conjunction of opposites are formed in the union of two transparent cones, grounded by the “S” curve and united at the top.”


Charles Pilkey

Mint Hill, NC

Orpheus, 2017

Steel and cast bronze

30”x 48”x10’


“Orpheus is a metaphor for the creative journey of the artist."